American Seating

Field Medical Training Battalion, Camp Pendleton




Two lecture halls with 150 seats


Camp Pendleton, California


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Project Overview

Located between Oceanside and San Clemente, Camp Pendleton is the primary base of the United States Marine Corps on the west coast and is a main training facility for amphibious operations. The military also trains Marines on their way to Iraq in field nursing at Camp Pendleton. American Seating was called upon to provide seating solutions for two new field nursing lecture halls, the result of an expansion of an existing site.

IE Pacific was retained as the contractor on the project, and the client selected an independent designer, Geri Putney. American Seating was sought as a solutions provider toward the end of the project. Started in September 2007, the project was completed by January 2008.


On most projects, American Seating works closely with the developers and designers early in the planning phase. However, the client had originally contacted another seating provider, who couldn’t deliver the right product on time. Once American Seating was called upon, our team surveyed the site and worked with the designer to develop the specs. According to American Seating salesperson Stan Nathanson, Camp Pendleton was a somewhat unusual installation, in that the client was looking for something quite contemporary for a military environment that also needed to fit in a confined environment.


American Seating chose Omnia for the installation, for several reasons. Besides providing the modern look the client was hoping for, the flip-down nature of the product allowed them to fit more students into a small area. Omnia allows for a writing desk to flip down from in front rather than a swing away tablet arm, lowering the total footprint. It also provides good sightlines for such a large number of students, which is critical for this type of experiential learning. American Seating was able to deliver the product in a very short period of time, and installation went smoothly.


The project was completed on time and on budget, and in only six months. Upon completion, Geri Putney was so impressed with the seating solution and project management that she specified American Seating on another lecture hall project, selecting American Seating’s Focus™ Acton Swing-Away. Ultimately, Camp Pendleton’s new lecture halls received design awards!