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Adaptable Arena Seating - From One Event to the Next.

This newest player in the arena seating market offers solid performance for education, sports and entertainment venues. The rounded back provides comfort with a contemporary aesthetic. A full range of options are available, allowing Rally to be uniquely tailored to your facility. Both fixed and platform versions can be combined with Spirit® or 408 to visually and functionally complete any arena seating need. Rally makes an ideal space-saving solution for lecture halls, courtrooms or other environments that need folding tablet arm capability.

Features and Benefits

Available in three modules, providing widths from 19“to 24”
Arm or armless models
Cupholders available on models with arms
Available in both fixed and sport seating color offerings
Available in standard American Seating fabrics or COM materials
Seat number plates optional

Beam mount applications, seat modules mount directly to horizontal support beam
Beam provides floor or riser mounting options
Beam mount applications, when not in use, seat provides a three-quarter fold, and articulating
back returns to an upright position, creating a slim envelope
Beam mount – rearward pivoting arm option for A.D.A. compliance
Beam mount – power and data raceway option mounts to floor mount support

Platform seating applications has rear or nose mounting options
Platfrom seating applications the nose mount back folds to the rear and stores within a 4½” envelope
for low-rise retractable platforms
Platform seating the rear mount seat and back folds forward and stores within a tight
6” envelope for retractable platform use
Platform seating provides single or dual deck retractable platform compatibility
Both rear or nose mount versions can be stored and deployed up to 5 chairs at a time in the platform seating application

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