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Bodiform End Standard

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A Classic End Standard for Spirit and Stellar

Some Designs are so timeless that they never go out of style, even when married with new technology. Re-introducing the Bodiform end standard for Spirit and Stellar, a classic cast iron standard that defined the ambiance of auditoriums and performing arts centers across North America for decades.

Features and Benefits

Spirit Bodiform
-Back heights 33 1/2” and 35 1/2”
-Contoured back is sculpted to provide greater lumbar support
-Dent-resistant polypropylene outer seat and back panels
-Cast Iron standards dampen vibration for increased comfort
-Back angle (16 to 24 degrees) synchronizes with seat, aligning seat-to-back for ultimate ergonomic comfort
-Widths from 19” to 24”

Stellar Bodiform
-Back heights of 32” and 36”
-Widths from 19’ to 23”
-One piece cast iron standards dampen vibration for increased comfort
-Upholstered contour-molded foam seat and back provide superior comfort over cut foam
-Embossed steel seat pan with molded polyurethane cushion
-Three-quater fold seat for easier access and exit
-Back panels available in fabric, plastic or rich wood veneers

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