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5th Annual National Dump the Pump Day on June 17th. Save money. Ride transit.
Event Date: June 11, 2010

Grand Rapids – Jun. 11, 10 – With the economic recession still in effect and the return of high gas prices, American Seating is joining the public transportation industry, to participate in the Fifth Annual National “Dump the Pump” Day on Thursday, June 17th. Contributing to the local public transportation industry helps passengers save money and ensures a healthy economic environment.

Each year, an individual or a household can save more than $9,000 by taking public transportation instead of driving, and living with one less car. Gary Thompson, Marketing Manager at American Seating states “taking public transportation provides a safe, reliable and affordable mode of transportation for individuals and families, and it’s good for the environment.”

On the national scale, each passenger has the ability to help create and sustain jobs in their local economy. For every $1 invested in public transportation, it generates $4 in return, and for every $1 billion invested in public transportation capital and operations, it supports 36,000 jobs. Those 36,000 jobs in return generate nearly $3.6 billion in business sales.

Dump the Pump Day is also one way Grand Rapids citizens can help protect the environment. Using public transportation exceeds the combined economic benefits of using energy-efficient light bulbs, adjusting thermostats, weatherizing one’s home and replacing a refrigerator. Using public transportation two days a week would reduce harmful GHG (Green House Gas) emissions by 1,600 pounds each year.

American Seating is encouraging its employees to use public transportation and providing incentives such as raffles to promote the importance of public transportation in the local community.

American Seating is a proud transit seating supplier to the public transportation industry with seats in every major city in the United States and Canada, including Grand Rapids’ Rapid transit system. Support Grand Rapids, the planet and save money by using public transportation – use The Rapid and take part in supporting National Dump the Pump Day on June 17th, 2010.

Since 1886, American Seating Company has set the benchmark for product design, durability and comfort. We are committed to being a leader in transportation seating, including city service, rail, motor coach and demand-response markets. American Seating is White Book-compliant and a contributing author of White Book standards, the industry guide book for safety best practices. American Seating employs a U.S.-based workforce and is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich., USA. We invite you to learn more about American Seating at

Statistics presented are from the American Public Transportation Association.

Read the press release here: Dump the Pump 2010 Press Release

Posted in Corporate, Transportation, Transportation Events on June 11, 2010