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NeoCon 2013: American Seating’s new chairs show evolution of classroom

CHICAGO — American Seating is known for outfitting football and baseball stadiums but the 127-year-old Grand Rapids company actually started out making school furniture.

The Grand Rapids company’s original seat-desk combination in 1886 set the seating standard for the education market for decades, said Deb McDermott, vice president of marketing.

“It’s our foundation and still our core competency,” McDermott said.

American Seating’s new education-focused chairs and tables are a departure from its traditional fixed seating in university auditoriums, lecture halls and stadiums. They are designed to meet the need for collaborative space where students listen to short lectures and then move their chairs around to interact in small groups.

“Everything is on casters because the teaching style today is active learning,” said Dermott. “There’s no more sage on the stage.”

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Posted in NeoCon 2013, Architectural, Architectural Events on June 18, 2013