Environmentalism Comes Naturally

American Seating has been committed to environmental stewardship for years, and has taken a proactive approach to minimizing our environmental impact.

We arm all of our employees with the knowledge and tools to increase reuse, reduction and recycling. We also constantly examine new ways to implement the latest methodologies that will help us care for our planet from our own front yard. One of our five company principles is “To be responsible stewards of the environment by utilizing materials and manufacturing processes that are sustainable and lessen our impact on the planet.” Our products exceed the norm for durability, and are often refurbished rather than replaced.


Our latest endeavor is a sustainability product profile. We have compiled all the data on each product to measure its recycled content and recyclability, as well as the contribution it makes towards LEED point acquisition. For more detailed information on this or any product or process on these pages please contact an American Seating Sales Representative in your area. 


Grounded in Sustainability Brochure