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Premier® LS

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The Only Seat that Protects Both Belted and Unbelted Passengers

Premier® LS is an enhanced version of the Premier seat. The enhancements include; improved seat cushion comfort, a thinner back and kick panels and reduced seat weight.

“Greyhound believes that the Premier seat, bar-none, is the very safest, very best seat in the market today.” Dave Leach, President and CEO of Greyhound.

Features and Benefits
  • Adjustable lap-shoulder belts accommodate children as young as four years of age and 40lbs., up to large adults.
  • For children under four years of age and 40 lbs., Premier® features a LATCH system for easily installing and securing child car seats.
  • Mobility aid securement is safe, quick and easy with slider-seats incorporating integrated restraint belts.
  • Unsurpassed quality, craftsmanship and durability.