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Secura® Safe. Simple. Effective


American Seating introduces Secura, a portfolio of mobility aid products for the city service and motorcoach markets. This full line is compatible with all layouts and allows for greater flexibility. All products have been designed with your passengers well-being in mind, giving you the confidence that your riders will be safe with Secura.

Features and Benefits

All Secura products are made of commercial grade components to ensure that they exceed industry standards. All products are designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested in the USA.

4-Point Tie Down Retractor Systems

Classic four-point mobility aid securement systems support the comfort level of drivers, providing them with the confidence to safely secure passengers. Once the passenger is secured, the auto-locking retractors tighten automatically. It’s truly a time tested and worry-free option.

  • 5 year industry leading warranty
  • All Secura belts have passed both static and dynamic tests, and conform to safety specifications FMVSS/CMVSS 302, ADA FR 36, and CFR Part 1192, but have been tested beyond regulatory requirements.
  • Automatic Locking Retractors (ALR’s) or Manual Locking Retractors (MLR’s) are available to secure the mobility aid device.
  • Lap and shoulder belt combinations for securing the passenger are available to fit any application.


Floor Anchorage Systems

Whether mounting in tracks or predetermined anchorage points, securing a wheelchair or a scooter, the Secura floor anchorages give you the freedom and flexibility to safely secure your passenger throughout the vehicle.

  • “L” track
    • The Secura “L” Track system is comprised of varying lengths of track designed to fit seamlessly with any vehicle. In addition to the standard “L” Track system, flanged track as well as track pockets with lids are also available.

  •  Swiv'Lock™ 
    • The Secura Swiv’Lock™ is easy to use and offers the lowest profile floor attachment in the industry. This simple, yet effective floor attachment is certain to be a favorite with all who use it.

  • "T" Stud 
    • The Secura “T” Stud Floor Anchorage is a low profile floor attachment that allows for safe and quick installation of the Secura retractors. This patented system guards against tripping hazards when the retractors are not in use. 



Additional and optional accessories include:

  • webbing loop
  • belt cutter
  • storage bag